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The Nursery
is Taking Shape

February 2002

Come and
have a look!!
richmond14.jpg Not long before
we receive the precious bundle
richmond05.jpg The bassinette stands ready in the parents' bedroom richmond06.jpg
richmond12.jpg richmond13.jpg Damien
painted the dropside cot green &
the small cupboard yellow.
babystuff8.jpg We went shopping and bought some great material. Linda made a quilt for the cot and two nappy (cloth diaper) stackers. babystuff1.jpg
We also made plain & patterned fitted sheets & flat top sheets with fancy tops and pillowcases to match. babystuff3.jpg babystuff5.jpg
babystuff2.jpg I just love these nappy stackers, didn't we do a great job choosing the material???

Next is the Baby Shower and then roll on The Birth...
Update: September 2003 Dillon now has a bright new quilt with two matching pillowcases he will be able to use on his bed. quilt4.jpg
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