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To set up your mIRC ready to connect
to Dockside Network

download mIRC from

First .. open your mIRC program

From the top left select "file" then "options"

in options .. from the list at the left select "connect" you should have a screen that looks something like this ...

some versions of mIRC may vary in appearance this is mIRC 5.91

you do not have to use your real name or email address......

to add the server to your server list in mIRC .. select the "Add" button...

you should have a screen that looks something like this ..

Once you have this info added ..

Click the button to the right marked "Add" then click on the button at the top marked "Sort" That will add the server to the list so it is there permanently select "Dockside" from the pulldown list ..

Then in the list on the mIRC Options screen select "local info"

This should open this window add the check marks..

Click on the button marked "OK"

Then to connect to Dockside ...... Open your mIRC again .....using "file" then "options" then "connect"

Make sure you have the "Dockside" server selected ... Then click on the button marked "Connect to IRC Server" .....

This should take you to the Dockside IRC Network.....

Once you are on Dreamwave .. In your status screen in the space at the bottom type /join #Rainbows or /join #BipolarCafe etc.........

Read my Dreambook!
Sign my Dreambook!
If you still have problems connecting to the Dockside server email me
- with the subject- "problems connecting" - the body should contain information telling what happened when you tried to connect to the Dockside server .....