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All Australian coins have the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front. The reverse side of $2, $1 and 50c coins frequently feature commemorative designs.

The $2 coin was introduced in 1988 to replace the $2 note. It features an Aboriginal tribal elder, the Southern Cross constellation and native grass trees.

The $1 coin was introduced in 1984 to replace the $1 note. It features 5 kangaroos on the reverse side.

he 50c coin features Australia's Coat of Arms.

The 20c coin features the platypus (soon to be replaced with an image of Sir Donald Bradman).

The 10c coin features a male lyrebird dancing.

The 5c coin features an echidna.

These are the standard images depicted on Australian coins , however our 50 cent and $1.00 coins are periodically released with commemorative images on them.

The 1c and 2c coins were phased out in 1990.
Shops round prices up or down to the nearest 5c on your total bill, not on individual items.

The 5c, 10c, 20c and 50c coins are made of 75% copper and 25% nickel. The $1 and $2 coins are made of 92% copper, 6% aluminium and 2% nickel.

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