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Australian Animals
Australia has lots of COOL animals that can't be found anywhere else in the world

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Frill Neck Lizard


Tasmanian Tiger
Tasmanian Devil
The BILBY is a small mammal with rabbit-like ears, a long pointed snout, and a distinctive banded tail.

Bilbies raise their young in their pouch.

Bilbies are now on the endangered species list.

They sleep in burrows during the day, and are most active at night.
ECHIDNA (pronounced "E-kid-na") sometimes referred to as Spiny Anteaters resemble the Hedgehog and the Porcupine in that they are covered by sharp spines.

They are mammals who lay eggs, and eat ants and termites. They also dig burrows to live in. They dig holes to hide in if threatened, or curl up into a ball to protect themselves.

The Echidna found in Australia is the Short-beaked Echidna and along with the Platypus are the only members of the monotreme family which are Mammals that lay eggs and produces milk for its young.

The Echidna is found all over Australia and can survive a range of temperatures and habitats Though mostly nocturnal, in mild weather they can be seen during the day, but if the weather is extreme (either very cold or hot) Echidnas will stay in shelter. (under rocks, fallen timber or burying themselves in the ground)

EMU - A large flightless bird (Ratite) that lives only in Australia. There is only one species of Emu, which is the worlds 2nd largest bird behind the Ostrich.

The emu is related to the ostrich and cassowary.

Emus are very mobile quick runners (up to 50 kph), running with a bouncy, swaying motion. Emus are generally nomadic, with some emus roaming over hundreds of kilometres.

FRILL NECK LIZARDS live in the deserts of Australia, and run upright on their hind legs when fleeing from danger.

They have a distinctive neck frill that they display when startled or afraid.
GOANNAS are large lizards that live in the dry inland regions of Australia.

They run fast, will climb trees and are good swimmers.

Like the frill necked lizard, they can run on their hind legs for short bursts.

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